About us

NoleTec is a Swedish company headquartered in Bålsta, 50 km northwest of Stockholm. For the past ten years we have proved the industry with high performance RF-transistors, modules and amplifiers based on high end GaN technologies. 

We are a bit of a boutique shop and specialty products' provider and there is very little "main stream" about our solutions. Don't expect to find too many me-too products here. Just better products and technical expertise to match that to support your needs.

The company is centered around a core team of seasoned engineers. Each with many years, even decades, of experience from RF semiconductor and amplifier R&D and manufacturing. Together we form a unique combination of experience and competence in the High Power RF Semiconductor and amplifier fields, rarely found in any company in this industry around the world. 

We have ISO9000 certified manufacturing and test in cleanroom environment with processes compliant with MIL standards in automated machinery for chip placement and wire-bonding ensuring good placement accuracy and product quality as well as high capacity.

​​​​​​​Our product portfolio contains a broad range of products from 50Ω I/O-matched GaN transistors for radar applications to prematched transistors and 50 ohm high performance intergrated amplifiers for 5G MIMO applications. and NoleTec is the leading EU-based supplier of RF power transistors.
NoleTec is rated by Sweden's leading credit reference agency, UC AB.
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Global business
We work with customers and partners in all corners of the world.
Local presence is provided in many regions through our valued sales representatives. Please contact them for immediate support or contact us directly.